Sex lessons for young boys – Charles Top Escort of Milan

I don’t know what I did that afternoon: I’m usually a rather shy woman and I’ve never had any particular experiences. Yet the sexual accusation of those two young males allowed me to go to my most primordial instincts. I was giving repetitions of mathematics to two eighteen years old boys forced to stay on… continua a leggere

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A very special wife – Charles Top Escort Milan

My wife knows that, I did it like that. I have never managed to stop having sex and, because of my hunger, I cannot stop at a woman. I am a husband I think more than well, I pay attention and all the sex he needs … but it’s not enough! I always have to… continua a leggere

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Escort and wild sex: how my life changed – Charles escort

Since I broke with my wife, I’ve entered a vortex of despair from which I thought it would never come out again. There was nothing beyond working life: always at home, on television or on the computer, I felt like throwing away the life and the many emotions that it gives us. Everything changed drastically… continua a leggere

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Adventure with an escort: how to break the monotony

In recent times, I must say that I have been disappointed with my life. Home, work and little more… that routine was devouring my existence and, without realizing it, I had become apathetic and devoid of any interest. When you find yourself in these conditions, you almost don’t realize and don’t know how to get… continua a leggere

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Escort: An electrifying sex encounter! Charles Top Escort

I am a man who knows how to live: I have never missed anything, especially with regard to women. But over the years, I realized that I was losing some of my enamel… no, not on a physical level where I can still be worth as a twenty-year-old, but on a level of imagination and… continua a leggere

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