Adventure with an escort: how to break the monotony

In recent times, I must say that I have been disappointed with my life. Home, work and little more… that routine was devouring my existence and, without realizing it, I had become apathetic and devoid of any interest.

When you find yourself in these conditions, you almost don’t realize and don’t know how to get out of them. One day, by pure chance, I came across the site of an escort – but I exclaimed inside me: How could it be to try? Thought was more and more frequent in my mind.

After a few minutes of reflection, I realized that it was worthwhile: perhaps this small transgression could have changed the direction of my life, which is now prey to boredom and routine.

A little intrigued, a bit excited, I made an appointment with that beautiful woman. The worry and thought of being disappointed: I had the suspicion that, photos seen online, could not match the truth….. too sexy and charming to be true…

Sex with this girl has revived my life

everything was true! When I saw it for the first time live, I was impressed to say the least: a body carved by nature to be adored by men, with perfect and sinuous curves that inexorably magnetize the eyes of every male.

Likewise, the abundant breasts were too strong an attraction to not show interest. As an experienced woman, she immediately noticed it and certainly did nothing to keep my hungry eyes away!

Of course I am not the man to be satisfied with a simple look and, when he began to undress, with almost exasperating slowness, I began to feel alive again.

There is something, besides touch and sight, that can insanely excite a man and is femininity. That wonderful escort had a lot of it!

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Finally, from gestures to actions…

The movements, gestures and languid guides looked at were just the prelude to the pleasant minutes that followed: the situation soon became boiling to say the least, and when our bodies first touched for the first time, a long thrill of pleasure crossed my entire back.

An even more intense feeling enveloped me when his fleshy lips began to touch my skin. Even his light breath, which began to rise dramatically, was able to ignite passions that I had been dying for years.

When I finally felt his body slipping over my own, I was already excited and ready for what was going to happen. His gentle and sinuous movement on me, while our bodies were pleasing to each other, was only the most rewarding preamble to orgasm I’ve ever experienced throughout my life.

Since then we have met from time to time. And you want to know something incredible? Every time it’s like the first time ever: its sensuality surprises me every time, leaves me breathless and plunges into a series of extraordinary erotic games.

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