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I am a man who knows how to live: I have never missed anything, especially with regard to women. But over the years, I realized that I was losing some of my enamel… no, not on a physical level where I can still be worth as a twenty-year-old, but on a level of imagination and enthusiasm.

Not to boast, but as far as sex is concerned I saw a lot and, although I always liked women, I could no longer feel that thrill of discovery when I went to bed with someone.

Also as far as escorts and escorts are concerned, I was not a newbie: occasionally focusing on a sex professional has never created any particular qualms or worries for me. In a moment of boredom I thought that this solution could have made me spend two hours in a different way and above all very, very funny ….

While surfing the net I met my dream partner

When I almost accidentally saw some photos of this Milanese escort, I was immediately very impressed. A perfect body in all respects and a look that made her understand how she liked her work, convinced me easily to contact her.
In a few days we managed to organize an appointment and, at first glance, a sort of empathy was established that would have been only the prelude to the pleasant moments spent together.

His slow undressing, with which he slowly discovered his skin, soon rekindled in me all the sleeping passions. That body had been generated by nature with only one purpose: to excite and give pleasure to men, there was no doubt!
For his part, in addition to the gifts of Mother Nature, there was certainly a remarkable predisposition… he liked to be looked at and desired, he knew that I was craving and that thoughts anticipated all the erotic games that would prelude the inevitable encounter between our bodies.

Sweet, delicate and sensual, she began to touch me with her hands, with her breath and then with her lips all over her body. It was a crescendo of luxurious flames that roamed my body like an incurable fever.

Not just a woman: a sex goddess

After these unforgettable preliminaries, we understood at the same time that the time had come: I clung firmly to his wonderful physique, as if to make it clear that at that moment we presented ourselves to each other.

I felt anxious and her grainy eyes pointed out that, although used to the most unbridled sex, she too was shocked by the warm pleasure that we were experiencing in those extraordinary moments. My body slowly begins to enter into itself, with a growing rhythm of excitement and pleasure that enveloped both bodies.

A truly extraordinary experience, which I repeat periodically: the feeling with that extraordinary goddess could not be worth a single adventure … since then, when I need a little ‘electrifying sex that shakes me as you should, I know whom to turn to.

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