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I don’t know what I did that afternoon: I’m usually a rather shy woman and I’ve never had any particular experiences. Yet the sexual accusation of those two young males allowed me to go to my most primordial instincts.
I was giving repetitions of mathematics to two eighteen years old boys forced to stay on school books instead of going to sea with classmates. Their typical ways of young people today have disturbed me a lot… but I have tried in every way to ignore them by continuing to explain the equation. Giving repetitions was a way to round off the salary.

They looked at me in a strange way and, a woman in forty years like me, now she understands when men begin to have strange ideas…. While I was writing I came across ridiculous attitudes behind me. Before I ignored them and turned around to reproach these young people, I discovered two fantastic surprises!

Sexy professor

Those pigs had pulled the penis out and shaken it with laughing. They had surpassed all imaginable limits and I wanted to drive them out of the house but… something stopped me almost paralyzing me: they were two cocks really incomparable to those of my husband and they seemed so tasty!

These two young boys, faced with inexperience, immediately understood my hesitation and met me. My resistance was minimal: as soon as I inadvertently put my hand on one of these two members I melted like butter.
I knelt down so that their annoying ridiculous ridiculous became anxieties of pleasure. Those young turgid cocks came into their mouths as my clothes like theirs began to fall to the ground.

Of course it wasn’t enough for them: they were looking for my pussy to penetrate me while I was working with my mouth. Despite their age, they seemed rather “fugitive” and while our bodies were sweating, I began to feel great pleasure.

That almost animalish enthusiasm was literally conquering me. And soon they both came: one by filling the mouth, the other by spraying sperm on the ass. After a few moments of embarrassment, I asked both of them to forget everything and invited them to go out.

After a quick shower, I looked out of the window and hoped, they were still there. I opened the door and gave him a timid smile -Prof, another sex lesson? He told me one with an ironic tone. Now it’s my turn to have fun – I said with a voice that didn’t look like mine.

I have felt the pleasure of a double penetration: two tireless penises that have pumped me forcefully filling me with masculine meat in the unlikely way. Exhausted the first time, comes the second “round” and their most controlled rhythm was aimed at satiating… and it was my turn to enjoy, totally losing control – I felt like a stockpile in the prey of two insatiable customers.

We all gathered together at the same time and it was something fantastic: since then I have discovered how, in addition to rounding up the salary, the repetitions can also be very satisfying!

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