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My wife knows that, I did it like that. I have never managed to stop having sex and, because of my hunger, I cannot stop at a woman. I am a husband I think more than well, I pay attention and all the sex he needs … but it’s not enough!

I always have to find a new experience, a different kind of woman who can stimulate my fantasies with new erotic games and other novelties. How does my wife live? Well, he had been aware of it long before our marriage and accepted it almost resigned himself.

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When my fortieth birthday arrived, he told me that he had a very special gift for me: I noticed immediately that she was dressed in a synthetic way and that any other person in my place would think of something “romantic”. Not being a foregone conclusion, I suspect that you had a particular idea in mind….

He took me by the hand, took me to the room. Then she came in with a wonderful woman: a companion who has carefully selected on the internet in search of the most procacious and sensual. Both of them smiled at me, then my wife said, “I want to see how you want to bet!

Sex with escort in front of my wife’s eyes

An invitation to get married! That woman knew how to surprise me. I began kissing that wonderful escort on my body, a creature that approached perfection like few others. Then, his succinct clothes also began to fall and, under the languid suggestion of my wife, who was very excited, I also began to take off my clothes.
A shocking situation that for many would be almost embarrassing, for me it was pure fuel on the fire: while the escort showed me that inviting ass, I turned to my wife saying a simple -graces, love!- while she was already having fun.

After that, I jumped headlong into that extraordinary sex machine.
Every action, every moment, my wife’s eyes followed our actions, sometimes suggesting what to do – always masturbate violently in front of our actions: apparently she was also having a lot of fun!

When it’s no longer enough just to look…

I lost my wife for a moment, in the pleasure of an orgasm that was imminent, and I found her behind me. He caressed my buttocks as he appreciated the strain of muscles that were virally and rhythmically at full strength.
She was so excited by this situation, which she had never seen before, that I felt her while she was also giving herself pleasure to that situation with one hand. Then, realizing that I was about to come, I whisper in my ear – Come, now!

Fill it up! Needless to say, as a good husband, I have satisfied my wife’s desire. A fantastic feeling pervaded me as the escort enjoyed my rhythmic penetrations, now dictated by an incredibly long and satisfying orgasm.
A truly rewarding experience that, since then, we repeat at every birthday. Since then my wife has also become much more uninhibited and participates more actively in the party….

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