Your costs are not accessible to me. Can we treat and have a short meeting ?

I intend to meet frequently. Can I get a discount?

Accept checks or credit cards?

I have some small temporary liquidity problem. How can we agree? Call me as soon as you solved this your little problem.


We can meet for a drink or a meal, so that I can know you better before to make an appointment?
I do not have time, sorry. If I accepted these frequent requests, I would spend the day in the bar or restaurant. This site, however, is constantly updated and contains all the information and photos that can be used immediately to understand if I am for you.

Could we become personal friends?

What ‘s the best way to contact you for an appointment?

How many time in advance Shall I book for an appointment?

Need I to confirm you booked appointment?

If I were a setback, I have to tell in advance ?

Are you available for appointments last minute?

Will you go a few days on holiday with me?

Are you willing to move and travel?

Why do not you respond calling with unknown number? Would you open your door to a stranger in the night ?

Why can not I reach you by calling? The reasons might be the following:

Why you do not answer to my SMS?

Why do not answer my mails or I do not receive them? The reasons might be the following:


If we liked each other and something happened between us “special”, could we do something without precautions?

What should I behave with you?

Accept French Kiss?

It ‘s my first time with an escort. What should I do?

It ‘s my first date with an escort. How much time will I need?

Could we familiarize a bit ‘with some mails before to meet?


Are you bisexual? Accept couples?

Do you know any good places where we could meet?

In your work, try the “pleasure” and “participation”?


For other questions, contact me via e-mail

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