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If there is a thriving sector on the net, after His Majesty porn, are the ads and reviews of escorts. The reason is more than logical: everything that revolves around sex has always attracted the attention of men (and not only).

The net, with its at least apparent freedom of action, soon became crowded with sites or forums that deal with the escort topic with more or less professionalism. The sector soon became saturated, so much so that it is difficult to distinguish reliable sources from real and simple rubbish.

At the same time, the figure of the escort has deeply evolved: within a few decades, we have gone from the often derogatory concept of the “oldest job in the world” to the creation of professional profiles.

Today’s top escorts are graduates who travel the world and are committed to entertaining wealthy businessmen. Just as sex professionals select clients, however, the desire not to be disappointed has also arisen in clients: this need has led to a series of services aimed at helping them choose the most suitable professional for their needs.

The escort reviews attract the attention of a wide range of visitors … and people who hope to cheat them!
So many users, so much visibility, so much money: more and more people have launched themselves in this sector creating fake material, fake platforms and escort reviews even more artifacts: a real damage to a sector that still sees, some services actually working as for example RECENSIONIHOT an impartial aggregator that collects all the reviews in the network.

In this sea of advertisements for masseuses and clearly modified images, there are still meeting points (be they sites or forums) where real reviews really exist.

How to rate an escort based on online information?
After getting distracted between spam and sites over the edge of the scam, you have to analyze well what these infamous reviews consist of. Platforms that offer this type of service in a serious way, usually present the visitor with in-depth reviews.

The characteristics of the escort that are illustrated are usually:

  • height
  • measures
  • eye/hair color
  • sexual habits and availability
  • other more or less interesting features
  • and they are a very interesting compendium that goes along with the already exhaustive photos (on the other hand, even the eye wants its part!). These cards can be very interesting and show a really stimulating overview for those who are looking for paying company.

In this infographic are represented all the Italian cities with the most important escort reviews.

recensioni volumi 1

The real reviews
Even more comprehensive than photos and evaluation sheets, are the actual reviews. In fact, most of the services have also included evaluations made directly by customers. Also in this case there is no real preset formula: it is difficult to use a single evaluation scale, proposing instead one for the different parameters taken into consideration.

We are talking about beauty, availability, kindness and cleanliness, values that are usually taken into great consideration by customers. As in school, therefore, after a performance by the escort, users give a score (sometimes accompanied by a brief comment).

In this way, those who are interested in the services of the girl or tranny, can have a clear overview of strengths or weaknesses, peculiarities and special skills. A rather effective way to avoid disappointment or nasty surprises.

Why is it so important to rely on established sites?
Analyzing escort reviews it’s easy to understand how an unserious platform can change the ratings at will and thus manipulate the girls’ visibility. What we have just described is an ethically incorrect practice that, in the long run, will heavily affect the name of the site itself.

In fact, sooner or later users will notice these “manipulations” and the popularity of the platform will suffer greatly. As in many other areas online (and in real life) sincerity pays off and, a service of this kind left totally in the hands of the unquestionable judgment of customers, will easily become a benchmark in the industry.

Site vs Forum: the comparison
In this area we can not avoid mentioning the forums, rediviva formula of comparison between users who, at least in this area, manages to survive the unstoppable growth of social media. The reason why escort reviews find their natural habitat on forums is the possibility to protect one’s anonymity behind a nickname: something much more difficult on any social.

Here the parameters leave room for real dialogue and a more direct comparison between the participants who, protected from anonymity, can exchange advice and evaluations without any fear whatsoever.

The contents are less synthetic and, precisely for this reason, perhaps less usable for those in a hurry to make a decision… but it should also be considered that the greater space for expression gives a more in-depth overview of the girls, their services and the quality they offer.

Often escort reviews are only a small part of the forums that, in most cases, deal more broadly with topics such as sex and dating.

The Italian law? Unclear and very interpretable
Are these kind of sites legal? Theoretically yes, as it is not aiding and abetting prostitution (which is prosecuted in Italy). However, it must be said as regards the definition of the word “aiding and abetting” there are a thousand facets and, sometimes, for the owners of these sites the business is a real ordeal.

Even if assisted by lawyers, in fact, they are often forced to go through long legal diatribes in order to prove that their service is simply a sort of virtual square offered to girls who work on their behalf. Precisely for this reason, the established sites that have no legal problems of any kind are very few.

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