Top Escorts : Who they are, what they do, how much they cost

In recent years the figure of the “Top Escort” is gaining more and more popularity, a rather singular neologism of which one often hears about (even in passing) but which in itself contains a meaning far removed from that of the classic escort.

If until just a few decades ago the figure of the sex professional was defined with epithets not very “generous” and considered as desperate people forced to do a job because of an urgent need for money.

The situation and consideration of these people has changed drastically nowadays: they are often girls with a great culture and educational qualifications, figures always travelling the world and highly competent in their field. In fact, the best ones are highly sought after and sometimes travel constantly to reach or accompany wealthy clients in the biggest cities of the world.

Define Top Escorts in three words? Cleanliness, professionalism and courtesy
The term escort is used to describe a figure who offers, at a professional level, companionship and sexual services in exchange for remuneration.

They are real leaders in this field and, as such, they know in depth all that this activity entails.

Within this real universe, are then framed the Top Escorts, figures who stand out not only for their physical qualities, but also for their competence and the high quality of the services offered.
As already announced, the attractiveness is not enough to be considered at the top of this unusual field of work. In fact, there are several characteristics that outline a clear preparation profile:

Cleanliness – essential both for those who work and for customers, cleanliness is a pillar of paramount importance for those who work in the sector and want to be considered “Top”. In this environment unpleasant odours or poor personal hygiene are absolutely not tolerated.
Competence – this is the least tangible and most abstract and subjective characteristic. Not to be confused with the willingness to engage in particular sexual practices, pertinence measures the client’s capacity for physical and mental involvement, a sort of intrinsic and natural charm and femininity of escorts. The professional in the field immediately clarifies how far she can go, in addition to clarifying all the peculiarities of her service.
Courtesy – even if it is the basis of a civilized society, it should always be specified as a high-level paid sexual service requires courtesy on both sides. Only in this way will the experience be pleasant and satisfying for both parties.
Logically an important part in this perspective is covered by physical attraction: these parameters are then extremely subjective and there is no clear and unequivocal definition of the word “beauty” or “sensuality”.

What does a high-level escort do
Defining the work of a Top Escort is not easy. Indeed, it varies from the presence of representation for wealthy businessmen, to real appointments with the aim of consuming a fun and rewarding sexual intercourse of the highest level.

Surely there is that escorts do not only work between the sheets: their job begins by satisfying the look, offering their sensuality and bewitching male eyes. It is not only a woman with a beautiful body and able to make love, but a real concentrate of femininity that “works” even with her simple presence as a real lover.

How to choose the best?
There is a big difference between a simple escort and the best in the industry. Making the right choice and giving yourself an unforgettable experience is not easy: there are many services on the web that allow you to come into contact with escorts of all kinds (and not only women). It is not easy to orient yourself in this field, even if there are some parameters that can help to identify profiles of our liking without running the risk of unpleasant surprises or disappointments:

The platform on which the girl presents herself is a good business card: the more the site and the service are established, the less there is the possibility of running into bad surprises or sensational photos. Relying on established sites with years and years of activity behind them such as ARCATON is, in itself, an excellent guarantee.
Other users’ reviews, which are very popular on such platforms, can be a good yardstick. Of course they are easy to falsify and, for this very reason, once again it is necessary to rely on established and established sites in the industry. These include ESCORTFORUM.
As already stated, photos can be a good way to at least assess the beauty of the girl in question. A trained eye can identify with some ease where you have worked with the photo retouching… on the sites of appu

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