The first low cost B&B for escorts

It was born from the idea of two young Swiss and takes the form of a start-up. This is the project that young graduates Andrew and Robert of Lugano want to realize through a company specialized in short-term rental of apartments for accompanying women in the city of Milan. The characteristic of the entrepreneurial idea is that these apartments, at low cost, would be dedicated only to escorts elite in itially in the city of Milan where there is clearly a greater concentration in this type of requests.

The prime b&b for escort of milano

A B&B for independent escorts: the idea is decidedly original

Surely everything is legal – the two new entrepreneurs know it – that before activating all the bureaucratic procedures they promptly informed themselves about the Italian laws, knowing therefore well the off-limits at legal and legislative level.

This is a very original idea, so much so that the famous incubators, specialized in accelerating new businesses, have come together to have a sort of exclusive patent, obtaining a competitive advantage. In fact, if the project or the business idea were to take hold, it could be exported all over the world, as we say in the jargon Startupparo a highly scalable idea and consequently with a high potential for profitability and given the market of independent prostitution would not be surprising.

This news has not yet been officially published, but soon the national newspapers, but especially the local of Milan ones, will talk about it so much that it will certainly be a media case.

But where does this “particular” entrepreneurial idea come from?

From what we know everything comes from a specific need and need where escorts for their frequent travels would be well disposed to use both for the low cost and for the convenience of having a certain privacy and given the large amount of work and demand that revolves around this sector, not at all common, but so widespread throughout Italy that we think will find a correspondence. For the rest, we hope that the two young people will be able to satisfy their wishes and find the success they deserve